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great glasses

Helping a 4 store optical chain achieve new heights

Project Brief

Our team entered great glasses with a single purpose, to initiate growth. Great Glasses has been a stable brand for more than 20 years but they have recently entered the BC market from Ontario.

Great Glasses' previous marketing agencies ran ads just for being there without actual ROI coming in. Our task was to increase their awareness and revenue through unconventional marketing methods and digital methods.

Our Approach

Gaining consumer trust has become increasingly more difficult in the optical space as the competitive landscape broadens with new brands entering the market at a fast pace. Thus, creating brand awareness and fostering organic growth has been top priority for Great Glasses.

We created new landing pages on their website and launched several Pay Per Click google campaigns and Facebook ads to increase lead count. We crafted unique geotagged campaigns to show competitive ads to their competitors.

The Solution

In order to establish Great Glasses as a thought leader in the industry, Fraser Marketing created a strategic SEO-Content strategy leveraging the brand’s expansive optical knowledge to build authority in the eyes of Google and their consumers. The goal of this content strategy was to increase non-brand keyword rankings, support rankings of core pillar pages on the transactional side, and bring in more new users on a monthly basis to build retargeting pools. After initial traction and proof of concept, content production was doubled and so were the keyword ranking results.

Entering the engagement, the biggest growth opportunities Great Glasses identified were: Efficiency of NB & Shopping Spend, expand NB opportunities for top of funnel, and A/B Testing Expansion on Emails, with the goals being Paid Spend efficiency, YoY revenue growth, and increased brand recognition. Since partnering in Q2, when comparing to Q1 performance, Great Glasses has been able to dial in branded search for greater returns at lower spend, and focused on non-brand to drive new customer acquisition and incremental revenue.

The Results

After two years of creating SEO-focused blog content, Great Glasses is now ranking for 23 featured snippets & 9k non-brand keywords, which is 62% of the site’s total KW rankings. The blog also contributes to 30% of all organic sessions to the site, and builds a web of content to bolster key transactional pages through technical internal linking.

Their PPC campaign resulted in a 270% ROAS, generating profit worth $20K in mere months.

We’re far from “one hit wonders”.

Fraser Marketing produces spectacular results for every client. Our unique approach is what allows us to create a special experience for every client


I'm a marketing professional myself and I've had the opportunity to work with a ton of agencies in the Fraser Valley. Fraser Marketing has been the best agency that I've worked with by far. Hiring them was one of the best decisions I ever made.

Gage Bergez

Owner, Great Glasses